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Dafne tells…

Hublot recently announced Dafne Schippers as their new Friend of the Brand. Now she explains a little bit more about this unique collaboration!

Why Hublot?
I really like Hublot’s style. The Brand goes its own way and really stays true to its DNA and philosophy. The watches are all unique and different but in every single watch you can still find the typical Hublot signature. Further, how the Swiss Brand develops and uses new and different materials makes each piece so special and unique. And of course I really love and appreciate their strong involvement in the world of sports. With their different Friends of the Brand in various universes, you can see their strong connection to the various sports disciplines as well as the athletes behind it, having the best of the best in their family. It is great and I feel honored that I am the first female track and field athlete who joins the Hubot family!

Why is it a perfect fit? What makes Hublot special for you?
I would say Hublot’s mindset as well as style is really like mine. For me it is so important to be myself, to stay true to my path to success, not bothering what my competitors do or how they perform and fully go my own way. Be focused and dedicated and doing everything within my power to be the fastest, but at the same time being open for new ideas and inventions that can help me further, even if it is for just hundreds or thousands of seconds. Apart from this fit in values I am a big fan of the watches. The style, the quality, the details.

What does timing / the right timing mean to you?
I dedicate my whole life to be the fastest. Day by day, I am working for that goal. Good sleep, rest, nutrition, training, saying no to many things, all because I am so driven to run faster than I have ever done. So you could say that timing is key to me.

How important is the perfect timing for you during your runs?
Dafne Hublot MichaelGraste 2482 DEF2In my sport it is all about timing. The chrono is my best friend as well as my worst enemy. Of course in races but also in trainings everything is being timed, and you could just see how you perform if you look at the time. With comparing to the previous runs, you can analyze everything, whether you progress, how your first steps were, et cetera. During the race it is obvious. From start to finish everything has to be perfect. Only the time (the chrono) shows if it actually was perfect. Of course there are sometimes other factors like wind or the type of track that influences time, but even then there are methods of figuring out what time it would be under good circumstances.

How do you spend your free time? What’s your personal quality time?
I really like to be at home, relaxing, spending time and walking with my dog Sammie, cook some good food, being surrounded by family, being in total relax mode and to just have time for myself from time to time.

What’s your most important moment in your life until now?
That is a difficult one. My whole life changed when I made the decision to switch from heptathlon to sprint, especially when I exceeded all expectations in Beijing and ran very fast times. I know what I can do and how fast I can run, but the rest of the world was quite surprised. (she laughs) That moment was the beginning of being around the fastest women’s in the world, that makes me very proud!

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