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TAG Heuer Muhammad Ali Limited Edition

TAG Heuer has launched a special edition Carrera in New York tonight as a tribute to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. The Ali edition draws its inspiration from the 1957 Heuer Ring Master, a stop watch that featured seven interchangeable rings to allow different sports to be timed.
There are two models of the Ali Carrera- a stainless steel edition of 750 pieces and a solid gold model. If you fancy the gold edition you’re too late- there was only one made and that watch was auctioned earlier tonight, with proceeds going to the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre.

2016 TAG Heuer Carrera Ring Master Muhammad Ali Edition- WAR2A11. The Carrera Muhammad Ali edition shares much of its design with the Carrera Driver Timer you see below- meaning a 43mm stainless steel case and powered by the Calibre 5 (Sellita) automatic movement.
A nice touch on the dial is the circular base of the seconds hand- the same design at the 1957 Ring Master. The watch has two crowns- at 3 o’clock the usual crown for setting the time and at 10 o’clock a crown that rotates an internal bezel.

How it works
2016 TAG Heuer Carrera Ring Master Muhammad Ali Edition- WAR2A11. So what’s with the patterned colours on the dial? Heavyweight boxing bouts used to be 15 rounds of 3 minutes, with a one-minute break at the end of every round. This gives us 15 X 4 = 60 minutes on the dial. While bouts are now 12 rounds, TAG Heuer has kept the dial with the traditional layout.
The Calibre 5 Drive Timer (which this watch is based on) works by using the crown at 10 o’clock. You move the internal bezel until the red triangle is lined up with the minute hand. This tells you the time that you depart and so to work out how long your journey took, just read the time indicated by the internal bezel that lines up to the minute hand.

The reason is because some amateur boxing and women’s boxing has two minute rounds instead of three- so this watch can do both. The markings in cream/ yellow have 2 minute segments with a one-minute break in black, while the red markings denote three minute rounds with a one-minute break also in black.
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